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Journal of Materials and Engineering (Abbreviation: J. Mater. Eng.) is a quarterly, academic publication by the Association for Scientific Publishing and Research – ASPUR. It serves as a platform for global academics to exchange and disseminate their knowledge, showcasing the latest discoveries and advances in the field of Materials and EngineeringJournal of Materials and Engineering follows a open access policy under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International public license (Open Access Statement). We do not charge authors for any submission or processing fees. Submitted manuscripts are peer-reviewed by the Editorial Board and 2 "blind peer" reviewers of Journal of Materials and Engineering before acceptance for publication.

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Current Issue: Volume 2, Issue 3, June 2024 

Research Papers

A Theoretical Study of the Separation of Raw Cotton from Air Flow Under the Influence of Centrifugal Force

Pages 151-156

DOI 10.61552/JME.2024.03.001

Sadi Khusanov ORCID, Anvar Makhkamov ORCID

Enhancing Resistance to Corrosion, Erosion and Oxidation of Boiler Steels by Surface Modification Techniques

Pages 157-169

DOI 10.61552/JME.2024.03.002

Vinod Kumar Pawla ORCID, Som Kumar ORCID, Santosh Kumar ORCID

Schiff Bases as Corrosion Inhibitors: A Mini-Review

Pages 170-185

DOI 10.61552/JME.2024.03.003

Ahmed A. Alamiery ORCID

Exploring the Tribological Response of Graphene Reinforce Glass – Epoxy Nano Composites: Effect of Process Parameters

Pages 186-194

DOI 10.61552/JME.2024.03.004

M.S. Aswathanarayan ORCID, H.N. Reddappa ORCID

Unravelling the Effect of Chain and Branch Content on Viscosity of Polyisobutylene-Mineral Oil Blends by Modelling and its Tribological Properties

Pages 195-206

DOI 10.61552/JME.2024.03.005

Maurya Upendra ORCID, Kumar Ajay, ORCID, Saini Vinay, ORCID, Thakre Gananath ORCID,
Harmain Gulam Asharaf ORCID

Friction Stir Welding: A Comprehensive Review of Non-Metallic Particle Reinforcement in Joints

Pages 207-219

DOI 10.61552/JME.2024.03.006

S. Suresh ORCID, P. Premnath ORCID, C. Balaji ORCID, P. Kavinkumar ORCID, B. Bharathraj ORCID

Effect of ABS Content on Thermal Stability, Tensile Strength, Friction, and Wear of PMMA/ABS blends

Pages 220-228

DOI 10.61552/JME.2024.03.007

Nay Win Khun ORCID, Erjia Liu ORCID

Evaluation of Tribological Properties of Aluminium-SiC-B4C Hybrid Composites

Pages 229-234

DOI 10.61552/JME.2024.03.008

Ashok Kumar M.S. ORCID

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